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A1 Roofing Solihull Best Quality Slate Roofing Will Give Your Property In Solihull

If you are looking for a way to increase your Solihull propertys value and at the same time make it more appealing to the eye, slate roofing can be the solution for you. Solihull Homeowners with slate roofs have over the years learned to appreciate its durability and classic look. A1 Roofing Solihull is here for you if you need advice and assistance with this amazing roofing option. Our customers in Solihull from homeowners to property developers have come to rely on our team of accredited and experienced roofing specialists to provide them with the top quality slate roofing systems that A1 Roofing Solihull is famous for. A1 Roofing Solihull are fully licensed with all the major accreditation bodies in the UK and have over 10 years of solid quality and satisfactory services to customers in Solihull. A1 Roofing Solihull guarantee customer satisfaction by using only quality materials and tools, as well as being fully insured for each project we undertake. A1 Roofing Solihull customers enjoy the benefits of quality service at rates they can afford.

Our Guarantee

  • Free site visit and survey
  • No hidden costs
  • British standards compliant
  • Fully Insured
  • Clean and efficient
  • Professional workmanship

Your Roof For Life

Our oldest customers would attest to this, saying that A1 Roofing Solihull services have the best value for money. In terms of long lasting value, slate is a class of its own compared to other roofing materials. In fact, it can last for around a hundred years which is double those other roofing types. This is why slate roofing products come with a guarantee for 100 years. This is why they are the first choice for those who plan to keep their Solihull homes for just as long. Mold and fungus dont grow on its surface as well, which limits the need for frequent cleaning or maintenance.

If you are looking for slate roofing systems for your Solihull property, A1 Roofing Solihull helpful customer service agents are just a phone call away at 024 7512 2314. Feel free to ask for any advice on our A1 Roofing Solihull products and services, as well as a free quote at no obligation.

Why You Need Slate Roofing For Your Property In Solihull

There are those who would say that slate are heavy and can easily break, as well as cause roofing issues. Thats true, but only to the extent of the roofing company you hired to install it on your property and their technical expertise and experience. With its years of experience in the industry and the level of expertise of its roofing specialists, A1 Roofing Solihull is up to the task in taking care of any concerns so you can get to enjoy the many benefits of having a slate roofing system.

With a slate roofing, a propertys charm is enhanced. A building owner must ensure to hire experts to install this type of roof so that they will complement the building well regardless of its architectural style. Slate roof tiles are available in several colours and textures, which you can also combine to suit your roof design goals. It is possible as well to personalise the design further by shaping the slate shingles according to your desired thickness and size. Regardless of the age of the property in Solihull, slate roofing retains its distinctive appeal.

Top Quality Free Pre-installation Roofing Survey For Solihull Residents

Your current roof will undergo a thorough inspection in order for A1 Roofing Solihull to properly assess your propertys roofing needs prior to commencing with the installation of the new slate roofing system. This will help A1 Roofing Solihull decide the best fit to complement and bring out the beauty of your home.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Slates long lifespan means it is good for the environment. Compared to other roofing types that require periodic replacement, this durability means that there is less need for regular replacement and thus minimising construction waste.

Increase In Resale Value In Solihull

By providing various benefits in both form and function, slate roofing increase the value of a Solihull property. Call us today at 024 7512 2314 for a free quote.

Tough And Low Maintenance

Slate has the natural toughness of most stones, as well as their water-proof and fire-proof qualities. This toughness protects the home inside and out.

A1 Roofing Solihull Premier Slate Roofing Solutions In A1 Roofing Solihull

A1 Roofing Solihull customers enjoy a wide range of slate roofing services and products. A1 Roofing Solihull can source and utilise recycled slate tiles to reduce costs for A1 Roofing Solihull customers as well as lessen the impact on the environment. If recycled slates are not available for some reason, A1 Roofing Solihull have numerous sources globally for the procurement of new slates. For urgent slate roofing services in Solihull, A1 Roofing Solihull are here to help you with roofing solutions to match your budget. Call 024 7512 2314 for a free no obligation quote for A1 Roofing Solihull slate roofing services and discover for yourself what other property owners have been raving about.

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